What is Wab Kinew Hiding?

Manitobans deserve answers from NDP Leader

While Wab Kinew seeks to earn the trust of voters in Fort Rouge and across Manitoba, serious questions about his past continue to go unanswered.

Progressive Conservatives have been asking Wab Kinew four important questions about his past – questions that Kinew has so far refused to answer.

  1. Why did he tell one story under oath about assaulting a taxi driver and a completely different one in his book?
  2. In 2017, did he try to intimidate his ex-common-law wife about the domestic assault allegations she made against him?
  3. Will he release the Candidate Disclosure Form he completed to become an official NDP candidate?
  4. Is he still profiting from his misogynist rap songs?
While Wab Kinew was hiding from his past, this is what the NDP did:

  • Raised 15 taxes in 14 years
  • Vowed not to raise the PST but did it anyway
  • Created the longest ER wait times in Canada
  • Nearly doubled the child care waiting list
  • Drove ambulance fees sky high
Wab Kinew wants Manitobans to trust him, but Manitobans know they can’t trust someone who won’t be honest with them. Wab Kinew’s refusal to answer these four questions leads to a fifth, critical question:

What else is he hiding?


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