‘Waffling Wab’s’ New Deception on the Carbon Tax

NDP Leader wants to use Hydro as an ATM to buy your vote: Fielding

For a third time, Wab Kinew and the New Deception Party (NDP) changed their position on imposing a higher, rising carbon tax on Manitobans in an attempt to hide their plan to impose a $300 per tonne carbon tax, which would increase the cost of gasoline by 60 cents per litre – bringing the average gas price in Manitoba to a whopping $1.75 per litre.

“Wab Kinew has now changed his positon on imposing a carbon tax three times,” said Rochelle Squires, Manitoba PC candidate for Riel. “He failed to stand with our Made-in-Manitoba plan against Justin Trudeau’s rising carbon tax. Kinew would rather stand with Trudeau in favour of high carbon taxes imposed on Manitobans instead of our Made-in-Manitoba plan which recognizes our investments in clean green hydro.”

Squires noted the NDP leader’s flip-flopping shows there’s nothing new with Wab Kinew and the NDP.  “The NDP’s failed record on climate and the environment was documented by Manitoba’s Auditor-General, who found: “Despite the efforts of the Department and government over the past decade, there has been little change in Manitoba’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

Scott Fielding, PC candidate for Kirkfield Park, noted the NDP’s $350 “rebate” is nothing more than a thinly veiled vote buying scheme that would cost Manitoban taxpayers over $171 million per year in higher taxes we cannot afford.

The NDP left Manitoba Hydro in a mess adding billions of dollars in new debt with massive cost overruns on politically motivated projects like the Bipole III transmission line and the Keeyask Dam. Manitoban ratepayers will be paying for this NDP debacle for decades to come.

“Having wrecked Hydro once, now Wab Kinew wants to use Hydro as an ATM to bribe Manitobans with their own hard-earned money to pay for his risky campaign promises.” said Fielding. “A tax is a tax is a tax. Wab Kinew will take money off the kitchen tables of hard-working Manitobans. It is the same old NDP.”

Wab Kinew and the NDP are a tax risk we can’t afford.

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