‘Waffling Wab’ Will
 Make You Pay at the Pump

Three positions in three months has Kinew doubling down on his original super $270 carbon tax

As Manitoba families look to enjoy the long weekend and get ready for back to school, ‘Waffling’ Wab Kinew and the NDP have again doubled down on their promise to impose a punitive $270 per tonne carbon tax on all Manitobans, which equates to an extra 60 cents per litre at the gas pumps – the highest carbon tax in Canada.

“With 3 climate policy positions in less than 3 months, Wab Kinew has now gone back to the NDP’s original pledge to meet the Paris Accord targets during the leaders’ debate Wednesday evening,” said James Teitsma, PC candidate for Radisson. “The financial impact on citizens in north east Winnipeg and across Manitoba is an extra $45 every time you fill up and take your kids to soccer, buy your family groceries, or drive to work.”

Achieving the Paris target in Manitoba would require a $270 carbon tax or 60 cents more per litre of gas. This is based on the calculation that a $50 carbon tax achieves a 1 megatonne (Mt) reduction over 5 years (from 21.7Mt to 20.7Mt). A carbon tax effort five to six times more than $50 ($250-$300) would be needed in order to reach the Paris target of 14.1 Mt in 2030.

Like Wab’s ‘tell-all book’, Kinew and the NDP have kept changing their carbon tax story again and again. Now with his latest new ‘old’ position, Wab Kinew’s inexperience means Manitoba families would pay the highest carbon tax in Canada under the NDP.

“We are the only party committed to lowering your taxes. Manitobans know that Wab Kinew and the NDP stand for higher taxes,” said Teitsma.

Manitobans know that Wab Kinew and the NDP are not worth the risk.

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