Wab Kinew Needs To Answer Questions for Northerners

NDP Leader says one thing in northern Manitoba, another in Winnipeg

Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives are calling on NDP Leader Wab Kinew to be truthful and answer questions about his risky policies on natural resources development when speaking to northern Manitobans.

“Communities across the north depend on our rich natural resources to provide jobs and economic security,” said Kelly Bindle, the PC candidate for Thompson. “Wab Kinew has been very clear that he is opposed to developing our natural resources and has called for the shutdown of mining projects around the world.”

When Wab Kinew travels to northern communities like Thompson, Flin Flon and The Pas, he claims to support the industries that northerners depend on for their livelihoods. But when he’s in Winnipeg, Toronto or elsewhere, he’s made his real views absolutely clear.

Wab Kinew signed the radical LEAP Manifesto, a declaration from anti-development activists that calls for the shutdown of the mining industry. The LEAP Manifesto also calls for an end to all trade deals, making it virtually impossible to sell anything produced in Manitoba beyond our borders. And, at a recent policy convention, the NDP passed a resolution entitled “Keep it in the ground”.

Wab Kinew and the NDP also support Justin Trudeau’s made-in-Ottawa carbon tax and want it to go even higher, making life harder and less affordable for northern Manitobans by jacking up the price to heat their homes, buy groceries for their family, and fuel their vehicles. His plan calls for a carbon tax increase of about 60 cents per litre to pay for his ‘made-in-Ottawa’ climate goal.

“Wab Kinew and the NDP pretend that they support our northern economy, but the facts are clear,” said Bindle. “They are a direct risk to our way of life. They want to shut down our mining sector and make it harder for us to sell our products on the global market. And, at the same time, they want to make life less affordable for northerners by imposing a devastatingly high carbon tax on Northerners.”

After years of the NDP taking Northern Manitoba for granted, only a strong, united PC team will lower taxes, increase economic opportunity, and make life more affordable for northern Manitobans.

Northerners know that Wab Kinew and the NDP are a risk they can’t afford.

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