Wab Kinew Hiding the NDP Record on MPI

NDP had cozy political relationship with IBAM

Wab Kinew’s dysfunctional NDP are hiding their record of political interference with Manitoba Public Insurance and Manitoba’s insurance brokers. Manitobans deserve to know the facts.

“If the NDP wants to talk about political interference with MPI and insurance brokers, they should look in the mirror,” said Cliff Cullen, PC Candidate for Spruce Woods. “When they were in government, the NDP had a cozy relationship with IBAM with special deals for brokers and inappropriate use of MPI resources. What’s worse is that Wab Kinew wants to go back to the dark days of the NDP using MPI as an ATM to pay for his big spending promises.”

Here are the facts that Wab Kinew and the NDP don’t want Manitobans to know:

The NDP raised broker commissions repeatedly

Broker commissions increased by 112.9% between 2001 and 2010 – an average hike of almost 9% per year, far higher than the CPI

Commissions paid to brokers in 2011 were 16.1% higher than they were in 2008

The NDP negotiated special financial arrangements with IBAM
It was the NDP that brought in a special $250,000 funding agreement from MPI to IBAM in 2011. This was a four-year, $1 million secret deal to deliver hush money before the 2011 election. Our PC team is ending it.

The NDP made special deals to ensure brokers were protected financially

They insulated broker commissions so that they would never fall as a result of any decrease in premiums

The NDP misused MPI resources

NDP Cabinet Minister Andrew Swan accepted free, front row tickets to the Winnipeg Jets while he was the Minister responsible for MPI

“Wab Kinew and the NDP have a disastrous record of mismanagement of MPI. Our PC team has a record committed to responsible stewardship of our crown corporations in the best interest of Manitoba taxpayers,” said Cullen. “They are telling lies about Brian Pallister to try and hide from their past. Mr. Pallister was not licensed for and never placed an auto insurance policy, whereas NDP MLA and candidate Jim Maloway owns an insurance brokerage today.”

Wab Kinew wants to go back to the days when the NDP abused their relationship with MPI for political gain and personal favours costing Manitoba drivers’ money through higher vehicle registration fees. They’re a risk Manitobans can’t afford.

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