The NDP you need to know

The NDP Commission to Establish A Safe and Respectful Political Environment Interim Report has been released.

It is full of damning quotes about the real NDP – when they are behind closed doors.

Here are just a few:

“There was a culture of bullying…”

“The work environment was often characterized as toxic”

“… lack of transparency with regards to human resources…”

“Inappropriate sexual activities occurring at the Legislature”

“No consequences for certain MLAs for bad behaviour”

“The presence of a workplace culture of fear and loyalty”

“At times the atmosphere was overly sexualised, sexist and misogynistic and there was often a different standard for women (whether it was a staffer or an MLA) as opposed to men. The atmosphere was often characterized as one of fear and loyalty – fear of certain people in senior positions, fear of being perceived as being weak.”

“Many people, but particularly women, after having worked or volunteered with the party have become disillusioned with the party.”

“These behaviours and the party’s response has created and continues to create an environment where women could not and still cannot participate fully.”


“The NDP is no longer seen as a democratic party that supports true democratic principles.”

With these bombshell revelations, the Stan Struthers case suddenly seems less surprising.

Struthers, you’ll remember, is a former NDP MLA and cabinet minister who earlier this year made headlines after seven women came forward with allegations of years of unwanted touching.

Wab Kinew, initially thought to be a poor choice for NDP leader, with his history of misogynistic comments and alleged violence against women, suddenly seems like the perfect fit for this scandal-prone party.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out the report for yourself here.

One thing is for certain – with this kind of past, the NDP should not be guiding the future of Manitoba!

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