Risky NDP Will Take Manitoba Backward to Higher Taxes

Serious financial holes in their platform, says Fielding

Wab Kinew and the NDP have a risky plan for Manitobans that would take our province backward to when they were in government with higher taxes and poor results. Contrary to what they say, their plan is not fully costed and does not answer how high they would need to raise the PST and other taxes to pay for it.

“Wab Kinew and the NDP are carrying on their party’s tradition of higher taxes and crippling debt,” said Scott Fielding, PC candidate for Kirkfield Park. “This election is about trust and taxes. The NDP can’t be trusted except to raise your taxes.”

In the first week alone, Wab Kinew and the risky NDP’s vague “fully costed platform” has revealed numerous holes, omissions, and inaccuracies.

Items in his platform that have not been costed include:

  • A super carbon tax of $300 a tonne “to meet the targets outlined on the Paris Accord”; pg. 13
  • Paying for thousands of post-secondary students; pg 9
  • Significant infrastructure investments in Brandon; pg 9
  • Working with municipal governments to protect waterways; pg 13
  • Transitional housing and shelters for victims of domestic and intimate partner violence; pg. 13

In the first week of the campaign alone, Wab Kinew has already made at least 3 new uncosted spending promises including:

  • 20 new schools for approximately $500 million (new item not included in their costed platform);
  • 80 new PCH beds for $21.3 million (new item not included in their costed platform);
  • Free parking at hospitals would cost about $10 million for facilities in the City of Winnipeg alone – not the $3 million he stated – as Wab Kinew has suggested people cheat and find a ‘work around’ to avoid paying the fee.

And Mr. Kinew got his sums wrong on the following:

  • Reopening two ER’s at Concordia and Seven Oaks – $13 million per year, not the $8 million he stated.

“There is nothing new with Wab Kinew”, said Fielding. “The Manitoba NDP missed every budget target they set since 2003. Their record of failure led to annual structural deficits, the doubling of Manitoba’s net debt to over $21 billion dollars, and debt servicing charges reaching record levels of over $1 billion. All of this means less money for investing in Manitobans’ priorities like health care, infrastructure and education.”

“Wab Kinew and the NDP never met a tax they didn’t like and wouldn’t hike,” said Colleen Mayer, PC candidate for St. Vital. “Our PC government has met our budget targets every year, while investing $414 million more this year in health care than the NDP ever did, lowering the PST, and putting us on track to eliminating the NDP deficit in our second term.”

The NDP’s record of broken promises and broken trust is stark and costly to Manitobans:

  • Raising the PST to 8% after promising they wouldn’t
  • Promised Bipole III wouldn’t cost Manitobans a cent, while costs escalated from $2.2 billion to over $5 billion
  • They promised in 2011 to balance the budget by 2014 – they failed
  • They again promised to balance the budget in 2014 – they failed
  • They systemically raised taxes 15 times in 14 years – taking an extra $700 million from Manitobans each and every year.

“Like Wab Kinew’s tell all book, his platform also leaves many unanswered questions, omissions, and inaccuracies,” added Mayer.

Wab Kinew and the NDP’s record of broken trust speaks for itself. Manitobans don’t want to go back to the days of higher taxes, longer wait times and reckless NDP spending.

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