Risky NDP Need to Come Clean On Impaired Driving Position

NDP Candidate Mark Wasyliw: “Drinking and Driving is NOT against the law”

Wab Kinew and the NDP need to come clean on whether their risky plans for Manitoba include killing Bill 7 – Progressive Conservative legislation that imposes tougher sanctions on impaired drivers. 

Star NDP Fort Garry candidate and Winnipeg School Division school trustee Mark Wasyliw’s specialty services as an attorney are advertised online at www.impaireddriving.ca  which proudly promotes, boasts and advises that:

  • “Drinking and driving is NOT against the law.”
  • “Mark Wasyliw has helped many in your situation to beat the impaired driving charges against them.”
  • “Just because you were drinking and driving does not mean that you will be found guilty.”
  • “The worst thing you can do at this point is to plead guilty.”
  • “Hundreds of ways that experienced impaired driving lawyers like Mark Wasyliw win cases just like yours.”
  • “You may be surprised how often Mark Wasyliw is able to help clients beat the charges against them.”

Our PC government stands with MADD Canada, police agencies across our province, and Manitobans whose lives have been devastated by drinking and driving. The belief of Wab Kinew’s NDP that ‘drinking and driving is NOT against the law’ is another example that Manitobans can’t afford to go back to the risky NDP.

Bill 7 is set to be proclaimed in December and is modelled after British Columbia’s successful Immediate Roadside Prohibition program, which resulted in a 50% reduction in impaired driving related fatalities.

Our government has demonstrated we are committed to making our streets and communities safer. Under our new law, impaired drivers will face a variety of additional sanctions in order to reduce impaired driving fatalities in our province including stiffer monetary penalties, vehicle impoundments and mandatory ignition interlock use.

The NDP are strongly opposed to this legislation imposing tougher sanctions on impaired drivers. During debate on Bill 7 in the Legislature, NDP MLA Nahanni Fontaine stated “this is nothing more than a cash grab.” And NDP MLA Jim Maloway said that imposing tougher sanctions on impaired drivers would “turn Manitoba into a big parking lot.”

In the same debate, Maloway went on to speak about an acquaintance of his from Thompson who “could seemingly drink all night and all day” and “seemed to be able to function quite well and never, never had any traffic infractions and so on.”

This week, multiple NDP candidates including Wab Kinew have filed statement of disclosures that have included convictions of impaired driving and failing to provide breath samples, which again personally demonstrates the divided NDP team do not share our commitment to safety. Manitobans know they are a risk we can’t afford.

Wab Kinew and the NDP have refused to answer many questions this election, and now Manitobans have even more questions:

  1. Will Wab Kinew and Mark Wasyliw kill Bill 7 and reverse other measures to reduce impaired driving in our province?
  2. Has Wab Kinew ever engaged the legal services of, or has he ever been represented in court by Mark Wasyliw?

These are important questions that Wab Kinew must answer.

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