Risky NDP Health Plan Means Longer Waits for all Manitobans

NDP health care record delivered worst ER wait times in the country

Wab Kinew and his divided NDP have confirmed their plans to move Manitoba back to the longest ER wait times across Canada with higher taxes on Manitobans.

Kinew’s risky NDP plan throws away all the progress made to improve patient care and wait times at Concordia and Seven Oaks Hospitals.

“Wab Kinew’s reckless NDP plan for health care ignores the advice of their own hand-picked experts which called for consolidation of our emergency departments – major Canadian cities like Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary all operate with only 4 ERs and they have significantly less wait times than Winnipeg,” said Cameron Friesen, PC candidate for Morden-Winkler. “Under the NDP, wait times continued to increase despite that money spent on health continued to rise. Unlike Wab Kinew, we know that better health care for Manitobans means getting results and receiving better care sooner.”

In 2019, our PC government invested $414 million more than the NDP did in their last budget. The NDP plans to spend an additional $29.5 million on health care which is actually $88.5 million less than what our government additionally invested in health care this year.

Since the Healing the Health System plan was announced in April 2017, Manitobans have seen a 14% improvement in ER wait times. Since Victoria Hospital converted to urgent care in October 2017, wait times there have been reduced by 28%. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, Manitoba was the only jurisdiction to see an improvement in ER wait times last year – our plan for better care sooner is working.

Meanwhile, Wab Kinew and the NDP continue to look backwards to former NDP MLA Erin Selby as a senior advisor. As Greg Selinger’s NDP Health Minister, she oversaw the worst ER wait times in the entire country as they soared to over nine hours on her watch.

Erin Selby also believed that taxi cab drivers should be responsible for ensuring discharged hospital patient arrive home safely, and she was forced to apologize for offensive remarks she made that referred to the deaths of a dozen infants.

“There is nothing new with Wab Kinew, and there is nothing new about New Democrats,” said Heather Stefanson, PC candidate for Tuxedo.  “The NDP is a party of broken trust and dysfunction. Only a strong, united PC team will shorten wait times, make life more affordable, and continue building a better Manitoba.”

Manitobans have heard the NDP promise to balance the books, fix health care, and lower taxes before, but their record of broken trust speaks for itself. Manitobans can’t afford going back to longer wait times and higher taxes under Wab Kinew and the NDP.

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