NDP’s Wab Kinew Only Leader with Criminal Convictions

NDP leader’s resume includes multiple convictions; assault, drunk driving

Out of 178 officially nominated candidates in all 57 constituencies across Manitoba, only one party leader has disclosed a criminal conviction under the new disclosure rules – the NDP’s Wab Kinew.

Waiting until the last possible moment to hide from his record, Wab Kinew has finally provided Elections Manitoba with his completed forms days after the NDP said Kinew would finally come clean.

Kinew’s statement of disclosure highlights his guilty convictions of two order breaches, failure to provide a breath sample, and common assault. However, the disclosure rules only cover offences to which someone has pled guilty or have been found of guilty of.

Like Wab Kinew’s ‘tell-all book’, Kinew’s disclosure hides the truth about his alleged accounts of domestic violence by his former partner, charge for theft under $5,000, and another previous assault charge he received in Ontario.

Our PC team believe that Manitobans deserve to know important details about those who are seeking to represent them in the Manitoba Legislature. That’s why we passed legislation to increase openness and transparency in our electoral process by requiring candidates to disclose major criminal offences.

“I was pleased to bring forward this legislation. Manitobans have a right to know these important details about who they are voting for,” said Sarah Guillemard, PC candidate for Fort Richmond. “This ensures that those seeking office are not able to hide criminal convictions from Manitobans before they go to the polls.”

Even today, Wab Kinew still refuses to answer important questions about the totality of his criminal record, and he still hasn’t apologized to the taxi driver he was convicted of assaulting. Manitobans are rightly asking “What else is he hiding?”

Manitobans need to know that a vote for Wab Kinew and the NDP is a vote for a leader and party who has proven they can’t be trusted.

Wab Kinew and the NDP are a risk we can’t afford.

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