Kinew’s prospects unprepared for Manitoba’s big leagues

Fantasy draft season is well underway in Manitoba, but it’s not limited to professional sports. Manitobans have an important and serious choice to make when it comes choosing the team they want to field as their next government.

As they prepare to make their picks on September 10, Manitobans are looking closely at the potential top players from the NDP team Wab Kinew is fielding. What they are seeing is a weak starting lineup and no bench strength.

After 17 years in power and four years scrambling to attract top talent, the NDP roster is filled with questionable choices for the important positions that voters must fill as Manitoba competes for the title of most improved province in Canada:

  • Mark Wasyliw from Fort Garry, the top selection among New Democrats to fill the Justice portfolio, advertises his services on the website impaireddriving.ca where they state “Drinking and driving is NOT a crime.”
  • Nahanni Fontaine from St. John’s, an NDP favourite for Finance Minister, once said in the Manitoba Legislature that she bid $600 on a cake at an auction simply because she was bidding against a man and had no way to pay for it.
  • Bernadette Smith from Point Douglas is considered a lock as the NDP pick for Municipal Relations Minister after posting on Facebook, “Lost hope in our Mayor Brian Bowman a long time ago. I never voted for him in the first place. He’s a business man that cares more about $ than people.”
  • Echo Asher from Dawson Trail is now the leading contender for Minister of Sustainable Development after posting on Facebook, “Carbon Tax? Yes please. You want to drive EVERYWHERE? Pay more.”
  • Nello Altomare from Transcona, a newcomer slated in many NDP Fantasy Cabinets as a pick for Sport, Culture and Heritage, posed in front of a Soviet communist flag at a Mayday parade this spring.
  • And, with no remotely qualified candidate running, drafters are looking to NDP spokesperson Erin Selby for the critical Health slot. Coming out of her retirement position as a union boss, Selby will bring her record of the longest ER waits in Canada if selected on Tuesday.

There are other picks in the NDP Fantasy Cabinet that voters will want to avoid drafting at the ballot box, including an Infrastructure Minister who would bring back the Ashton-era of Tiger Dams and untendered contracts, an Economic Development Minister whose small business has been sued for over $160,000 in unpaid bills, and an Agriculture Minister who claims to have no personal connection to the rural constituency she was running in.

To view the full NDP Fantasy Cabinet, visit wabrisk.ca/ndp-fantasy-cabinet/

While the NDP may think they’re ready to field a Manitoba-ready team this campaign season, Manitobans are quickly learning that drafting the NDP’s Fantasy Cabinet will only lead to a season of failure for the province.

Manitobans know that Wab Kinew and his divided and dysfunctional NDP team are a risk we can’t afford.

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