Wab Kinew has signed the LEAP Manifesto

We keep learning more about the real Wab Kinew!

Such as the fact that he has signed the LEAP Manifesto.

The LEAP Manifesto is a radical left-wing document drafted up by celebrities and endorsed by the likes of David Suzuki.

It calls for the shutting down of the oil sector, an end to “resource extraction” and mining, the cancellation of trade deals (including NAFTA), Guaranteed Income Supplements, and universal daycare, just to name a few.

It proudly lists among its supporters various public sector unions, and “No One Is Illegal” – a group that pushes for open borders and wants Winnipeg to become a “sanctuary city”.

Needless to say, implementing the LEAP Manifesto would cost untold billions of dollars and kill hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The fact that Wab Kinew – leader of the Manitoba NDP! – supports such radical ideas should be a wake-up call for all Manitoba voters.

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