Kinew Needs to Explain Domestic Assault Charges and Intimidation of Former Partner

Federal NDP Leader visiting Winnipeg stated he believes survivors

Serious questions are being raised about Wab Kinew’s repeated denials and alleged intimidation regarding allegations of domestic assault against his former partner.

During the last election Mr. Kinew and the NDP failed to disclose the details of his alleged domestic assault. Mr. Kinew covered up these domestic assault allegations in his book, published in 2015.

These domestic assault allegations came to light during the NDP leadership contest in 2017.

Published reports stated that Mr. Kinew’s former partner alleged he violently threw her across a room and made her fear for her life when he threatened to throw her off the balcony of their 18th floor apartment.  Her mother and sister corroborated the allegations.

Wab Kinew was charged with two counts of assault against his former partner in 2003. When these allegations resurfaced in 2017, Kinew telephoned her in what she described as an attempt to intimidate her.

Wab Kinew says we shouldn’t believe her.

Wab Kinew still has not answered this crucial question:

Did he assault and then try to intimidate his former partner to not talk about the domestic assault allegations?

This question is being asked by Manitobans once again in light of Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s visit to Manitoba today. When the allegations against Kinew came to light in 2017, Singh stated unequivocally that he believes survivors of domestic violence and that he believes Wab Kinew’s former partner.

And, if the Federal NDP Leader doesn’t believe Wab Kinew, why should Manitobans?

NDP leader Wab Kinew has a double standard when it comes to telling the truth.

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