Kinew Hiding from His Super Carbon Tax

‘Waffling Wab’ has 3 different positions in less than 3 months

Heading into another long weekend, ‘Waffling’ Wab Kinew is trying to hide his intention to impose a 60 cent per litre carbon tax, bringing the average gas price in Manitoba to a whopping $1.75 per litre. That’s an additional $45 to fill up the tank of an average family vehicle.

Like Wab’s tell-all book, Kinew and the NDP have kept changing their carbon tax story again and again – 3 times in 3 months so far – and they need to come clean with Manitobans on their plans for a new super carbon tax.

Waffling Wab Position #1: On May 31st, Kinew and the NDP promised to cut carbon emissions by 45% below 2010 levels by 2030, and to see the province become carbon neutral by 2050 per their NDP climate ‘plan’.

Costing: Studies by Conference Board of Canada, Canadian Academy of Engineers, Simon Fraser University and by economic modellers estimate that such a drastic reduction requires a carbon tax of $500 or higher.

Waffling Wab Position #2: On August 8th, Kinew and the NDP released their platform which commits to meet the targets outlined in the Paris Accord.

Costing: Achieving the Paris target would require a $270 carbon tax or 60 cents more per litre of gas. This is based on the calculation that a $50 carbon tax achieves a 1Mt reduction over 5 years (from 21.7Mt to 20.7Mt). A carbon tax effort 5 to 6 times more than $50 ($250-$300) would be needed in order to reach 14.1 Mt in 2030 (Paris target). Now that Canada no longer feels bound by a $50 carbon tax ceiling, it is clear the NDP will work with Ottawa impose a higher Kinew/Trudeau carbon tax in Manitoba.

Waffling Wab Position #3: On August 26th, Kinew waffled on his two previous positions by declaring the carbon tax would not increase during their mandate if elected. Kinew is now going back to the NDP’s old ways to justify using Manitoba Hydro as their personal ATM to take even more money out of the pockets of Manitobans to buy votes.

Like their time in government, the divided NDP are choosing again to not set targets, and walking back on previous decisions.

It’s clear that Wab Kinew and the NDP will say and spend anything to get elected. They keep changing positions on major issues to hide their intent to levy a 60 cent per litre carbon tax as outlined in their platform.

There is nothing new with Wab Kinew and the “New Deception Party.” Manitobans know this election is about trust and taxes and the only thing you can count on the NDP for is higher taxes.

Wab Kinew and the NDP have refused to answer many questions this election, and now Manitobans have even more questions:

  1. How high will the NDP super carbon tax imposed on Manitobans be?
  2. What will his position be next week?

These are important questions that Wab Kinew must answer.

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